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Thanks for dropping by and looking at my wee website. I’m a retired gentleman from Glasgow who likes to write short stories. There’s nothing to sell and I’m not plugging my masterpiece of a book. I’m not affiliated to any of the links that are displayed, other than as a reciprocal link to other personal blogs listed in Blogs United. Just a simple old-fashioned website without any bells or whistles or flashing graphics.

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Journeys Past - These stories are about visiting places of historical interest, only to be sent back in time to witness events unfolding in front of me. Did I really wake up kneeling in a puddle on the Bridge of Sighs? Or did I nearly get run over by a tramcar in the Trongate recently, considering that the trams stopped operating in 1962?. How about being hit over the head and then getting chucked out of Glasgow Cathedral for snoring?

Lilith - Mature Content Warning – Travelling in the astral plane can be a dangerous journey, even for an experienced traveller. Charles (Chic) Dunn meets and falls in love with Lilith who he believes is an astral angel, but it soon becomes apparent that Lilith is no angel and she ensnares him into committing evil and dreadful tasks. He could not free himself to break away from her powerful aura. The serial posts will be spaced out over the next few weeks, starting from the 1st of January 2023.

Fearless Francis - Francis is a wee boy living in a tenement in Glasgow in the 1950s. Children didn’t know they were poor in those days, they just got on with it and made do with what little they had. Often they just used their imagination, just like Francis, with his head full of nonsense creating his imaginary adventures, usually ending up getting himself into trouble.

TitBits - I suppose you can really call this the blog part of Glasgow Tales. It’s just a hotchpotch of sundry items about Glasgow. I’ll also be posting items off-topic, slightly skewed and definitely weird.

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I may have taken liberties with some historical facts, so you are wasting your time challenging the timeline and veracity of some of my stories. “It’s ma baw”, as we say in Glasgow, meaning it’s my ball, my stories. In any case, check out the legal stuff in my Disclaimer.

“A good storyteller never lets the facts get in the way.” - Dave Allen

Unless otherwise stated, all photographs are by Wishart Frankfield.

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