Mr Glasgow: a tribute to Jack House

There wasn't much that Jack House didn't know about Glasgow

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Jack House sitting in George Square, Glasgow Jack House in George Square

Jack House: author and restaurant critic

I intend to write a more in-depth biography of Jack House, and I would be grateful for any stories, photos, anecdotes that you may have about this remarkable man. In the meantime, here is a brief synopsis of his career.

Jack House has been called ‘Mr Glasgow’ by many Glaswegians, a title well-deserved for a man who wrote so much about this city. Jack himself maintains that he was not born in Glasgow, he was born in Tollcross in 1906, and Tollcross did not become part of Glasgow until 1912.

He was a journalist and worked at first for the Glasgow Evening Citizen (now defunct). He was also a radio actor. A brief foray into politics did not last beyond polling day.

During World War Two, he became a lance corporal in the Army and started writing scripts for the Cinematographic Unit. After the war, he continued working as a journalist and continued writing novels.

His books about Glasgow were in-depth and knowlegeable, but lovingly told. He was also a broadcaster and appeared regularly on television. His services to Glasgow were recognised in 1988 when he was awarded the St Mungo’s Medal.

Jack House died in 1991

Jack House on a Glasgow Tour Bus Jack House on Glasgow tour bus

Jack House (1906 - 1991)

Jack House wrote well over 70 books, some were commissioned by companies to write about their history and expansion, but his best work was when he was writing about Scotland, and in particular - Glasgow.

Here are just some of his books…

  • Eight plays for Wolf Cubs - with Theo Brown - 1928
  • Cherchez La Femme. A simple sketch in Scots - 1936
  • Kirkcaldy: The Official Guide - 1940
  • Comics in kilts - 1945
  • Getting around the Clyde - 1946
  • Dunoon, on the Firth of Clyde. Official guide - 1947
  • How To Clean An Elephant And Other Facts Of Life - 1948
  • Down the Clyde - 1959
  • Square Mile Of Murder - 1961
  • Scotland For Fun Quiz Book - 1962
  • Scott Country. Around the Borders - 1962
  • Skye and the Western Isles - 1962
  • Glory of Scotland - 1962
  • Murder Not Proven? - 1962
  • Out From Oban - 1962
  • Dumfries and Galloway - 1963
  • Beatles quiz book compiled by Jack House - 1964
  • Heart of Glasgow - 1965
  • Pavement In The Sun (autobiography) - 1967
  • Dunoon, 1868-1968 - 1968
  • Portrait Of The Clyde - 1969
  • Sailing Down The Clyde : Glasgow to Kyles of Bute - 1969
  • Stewarton - 1971
  • Glasgow Old And New - compiled by Jack House - 1974
  • Lang Toun - 1975
  • Tale Of Two Houses - 1980
  • House on the hill - 1981

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