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This free positive thinking course may guide you through these troubled times.

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Thought Bricks course

The power of positive prayer with Thought Bricks

This is a quote from the creator of the Thought Bricks course, Bernard:

There is no doubt at all that the contents of this course are surprising, especially to those who have not yet realised the mighty, magnetic, drawing and attracting power of directed thought. There are many, of course, who have known theoretically about this, but who have never applied it, or done so only at infrequent intervals and in a vague, experimental way. Some people, on the other hand, have never realised that thought is creative and have gone on using this power carelessly all their: lives without knowing that they could bring harm as well as help to themselves and others. Creative thought and its results is often the cause of wonderment.

I personally came across this course in the late 1970s at a time when I was going through a very bad period in my life. Although I considered myself an atheist, like many people when you hit rock bottom, in desperation you call upon God for assistance. The teachings of the church you learned as a child are rekindled. The Thought Bricks Course helped me through that most difficult time. It could be argued that any self-help book or course I could have picked up at the time may also have helped me, but nevertheless this course did assist and guide me out of a very dark and depressing place.

What was unique about Bernard’s course was that he did not ask for the fee to be paid before the course started. He trusted you to send the money as soon as you could.

Mr William Fergus Martin has lovingly gathered up all Bernard’s material on the Thought Bricks Course on his website (link below) as a tribute to his late mother and to Bernard himself (M E Williams) who passed away in 1994. There is a lot of material on this website, some of it given free by former Thought Bricks Course students. Although the website has not been updated since 2014, all the Thought Bricks Course material is there, free to use.

Mr Martin is the founder of The Global Forgiveness Initiative (where you can download a free ebook) and has an excellent YouTube channel William Fergus Martin on YouTube . He is also the founder of The Global Rewilding Initiative .

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