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Book review: Between

Between love and heaven’s siren song

‘Between’ by Cyndi Tefft (‎CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (21 April 2011))

I must confess that I don’t like mushy love stories or stories about an almighty god, but I review books that are set or partly set in Scotland, so it was worth looking at.

Right from the first chapter, I was hooked.

Cyndi Tefft skilfully unfurls this tale of life and death, of time travel - and of course, of love. But just as it was about to get too mushy for me, this crafty author sprang another surprise and I was drawn in again.

As Aiden and Lindsey travel back through time revisiting real events in their lives, the love between them grows very strong. Along with this blossoming romance, there is plenty of action and twists in the tale to keep you turning the pages.

The sequel to this book is Hell Transporter and it is only right and fitting that this story should continue, because there’s a lot of adjusting to do for one of the characters. It will be interesting to see if Cyndi Tefft can weave the same magic into this tricky follow up.

Cyndi has now written four books in the Between series. They are:

  • Between
  • Hell Transporter
  • Even in Darkness
  • Sacrifice of Greatest Price

This talented young lady may become an internationally renowned bestselling author if her subsequent books are of the same quality and storytelling craftsmanship.

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