The Hanging Shed

A war hero returns to Glasgow to save a friend from the gallows

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Book review: The Hanging Shed

He trawls both the mean streets of the Gorbals and the green hills of western Scotland in his search for the truth

‘The Hanging Shed’ - by Gordon Ferris (‎Corvus; First Thus edition (1 Mar. 2011))

Douglas Brodie is a war hero and ex-policeman working in London as a freelance journalist. He receives a telephone call from a former close friend, Hugh Donovan - from Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow.

Donovan is soon to be hanged for a murder he insists he did not commit. Brodie’s emotions are mixed, Donovan had stolen his teenage sweetheart and the two friends had not spoken to each other in 17 years.

What follows is a fast-paced thriller that takes you through the streets of Glasgow, with Brodie facing the wrath of a notorious Glasgow razor gang, as he investigates the murder of one boy and possibly four others. Further trips to Arran only makes the investigation more complex as he attempts to piece the evidence together, but there are more murders on the way.

This is a brilliant piece of thriller writing. Gordon Ferris holds your attention from chapter to chapter - and like any good book, you soon finish it, the story culminating into an exciting conclusion.

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