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Book review: Stan Laurel and other Stars of the Panopticon

The Pots and Pans - Glasgow’s Britannia Panopticon Music Hall

‘Stan Laurel and Other Stars of the Panopticon’ by Judith Bowers (Birlinn Ltd 2007)

Judith Bowers has written a very entertaining book that traces the history of the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall. It also contains brief biographies of the stars that appeared there, including a very young Stan Laurel.

The Panopticon had a mix of everything; variety shows, zoos, freak shows, novelty acts and in the last few years of its productive life, it became a cinema. The book not only describes the Panopticon, it also traces the history of the music halls in Glasgow, detailing what life was like in the city during those times.

Judith has worked hard over the years to find funding to restore the Panopticon and her dedication to the project is now paying dividends. Some restoration work has been undertaken already. You will enjoy this very well-written book.

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