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Book review: Vroom With a View

One man’s adventure across Italy on an old Vespa scooter

‘Vroom with a View’ by Peter Moore (Bantam 2005)

Unusually for me, I’m not reviewing a Scottish-themed book. It is a rather dull day in Scotland and as usual, the wind is driving the rain against my window. What better way to get away from all the gloom than to read a cheery book? I had read this book years ago and now I have it on my Kindle for 99p - a bargain.

This is a true story. Peter has always been fascinated with the Vespa scooters seen in Italian movies and decided that while he was in Australia, he’d like to buy one unseen - in Italy. Not knowing what condition the 1961 Vespa would be in, his intention was to go over there and tour the beautiful country via the backroads. What follows are tales of meeting some lovely Italian characters while his Vespa carried him along from village to village, but not always reaching them, which only added to the adventure.

The story also has a romantic element - and where better than the beautiful Italy for romance?

This book will cheer you up and put a smile on your face.

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