My Wee Angel

I was convinced that I was being followed….

The stranger was just a few steps behind me… I often walk the streets of Glasgow at night, and never felt any fear. I reasoned that if I worry about being attacked, my fear and timidity would be apparent and then I would attract the very undesirable attention that I am trying to avoid. Besides, I’m a tough lady and handy with the pointed end of my umbrella. So, head held high, and striding quickly along the Gallowgate, I headed for home, tired and alone.

Afraid to Die

Remember, tomorrow is promised to no one. (Walter Payton)

Photograph above by Sean Estergaard The feeling of dread was overpowering… I’ve always been uncomfortable with the eerie glow of moonlight and as I looked up at the cold building, I couldn’t shake off my uneasy feeling. I remember that I was sitting on my sofa and thinking about a dear friend of mine who had went through a very slow and painful death. I must have dozed off and when I opened my eyes again I was at the foot of stone steps that led up to this foreboding dismal place.

Out of your body, or out of your mind?

A personal experience of OBEs

“If I ever had an out-of-body experience - I’d try to come back to a different one.”" –Tom Wilson Is astral travel real or fanciful mystical jargon? There have been countless books and articles written about out-of-body experiences (OBEs), or what some authors term ‘astral travel’. Some of the writers dress up the experience in fanciful mystical jargon. Other writers offer more practical techniques that, they claim, could lead to a conscious OBEs through regular practice, as opposed to uncontrolled nightly travels.