Glasgow Necropolis: Houldsworth Mausoleum

Statues scuplted by John Thomas (1813-1862)

Houldsworth Mausoleum A video I made some years ago when I was learning Linux. Created using Kdenlive video editor and Libreoffice Impress (similar to MS PowerPoint). Full credits are shown at the end of the video. At the start of the video I mentioned that the Glasgow Necropolis was officially opened in 1833, which is correct but the first jewish burial was that of Joseph Levi in 1832. The first christian burial was that of Elizabeth Miles in 1833.

The Graveyard Game

Fearless Francis hides among the dead

A graveyard does not scare Fearless Francis Tucked in between a tenement building and Saint Mary’s Chapel Priests House in Abercromby Street was an old graveyard. It had been many a long year since its last occupant was laid to rest there and finally it ended up as a football pitch for Saint Mary’s Primary School. Now, even that school has gone, famous for having its playground on the roof, where children were forced to play in all sorts of weather at break time.

The Phantom Jobby Flinger

Fearless Francis fights Captain Pasquale

Fighting 200 Spanish soldiers - and Smelly Nellie Francis had just come back from the Saturday Matinee at the Olympia cinema in Bridgeton Cross. The film was The Sign of Zorro, starring Guy Williams. This was new to Francis, and his fertile imagination lost no time in creating scenarios that would help him play out his fantasies. And now as Fearless Francis, he was fighting for his life against overwhelming odds.

Gunfight on the Auchenshuggle Express

Fearless Francis nearly has a shootout on a tram!

There’s a mean looking hombre riding the number 9… The number 9 to Auchenshuggle tramcar trundled its way slowly along Argyle Street. The beam from Its cyclops headlamp made the wet cobblestones glisten and shimmer in the twilight of the winter’s evening. The rain had just stopped and the streets of Glasgow seemed to have been scrubbed clean with the fresh rainwater. Francis knelt on the long seat of the tram and looked out the window.

7 Blythswood Square

Was her lover's cocoa laced with arsenic?

The infamous Madeleine Smith case It was a nice warm day in Glasgow and I was out and about taking digital photographs outside the house at Number 7 Blythswood Square. Looking at the old building, it was hard to believe that of its many occupants over the years, one the most infamous being a young society lady in Victorian times who was accused of poisoning her lover. After tinkering with the led display on my camera, I looked up and became aware that everything was becoming darker.

Stan Laurel and Other Stars of the Panopticon

Glasgow's oldest music hall

Amazon link (not affiliated) The Pots and Pans - Glasgow’s Britannia Panopticon Music Hall ‘Stan Laurel and Other Stars of the Panopticon’ by Judith Bowers (Birlinn Ltd 2007) Judith Bowers has written a very entertaining book that traces the history of the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall. It also contains brief biographies of the stars that appeared there, including a very young Stan Laurel. The Panopticon had a mix of everything; variety shows, zoos, freak shows, novelty acts and in the last few years of its productive life, it became a cinema.